Information for Contractors

Burks Fork Log Homes provides precision CNC milling in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional milling. We offer competitive rates and very flexible logistics.  The Hundegger K2 is considered to be one of the best machines for Timber Framers, Log Home Builders, and Component Manufacturers throughout Europe and North America. This fully automated saw and joinery machine can mill virtually any traditional timber frame connection, process traditional log home copes and notches, and cut any shape or size of truss or wall component without any setup.  All this while optimally cutting the members to length with computer-controlled accuracy. The K2 is fully-customizable to fit your exact plan needs.

Let us save you valuable time and money, by providing your log kit ready to build upon delivery.  Services include:

CNC Controlled Milling for Various Log and Timber Applications.

  • Hundegger K-2 milling by the hour or board foot
  • Full design and engineering services
  • Re-sawing and/or surfacing of material up to 16” square
  • Milling of beams up to 42’ in length 17 ¾” x 14” with rotation and 17 ¾” square without rotation

Supply Various Materials For Log and Timber Frame Homes.

  • Eastern White Pine (Primarily)
  • Hemlock
  • Oak
  • Douglas Fir
  • Cedar
  • Cypress

Shipping and Transporting of Material

  • Drop Shipments to Our Facility
  • Shipping to Your Facility
  • Direct Shipment to Job Site (depending on site)

Our Hundegger K2 Custom CNC Milling Machine

Quality Standards

Burks Fork Log Homes wants to provide the highest quality milling, material, and service that we can. To ensure this we have set our tolerances much smaller than industry standard.  Please note that every manufacturer has different standards and tolerances. Burks Fork Log Homes can and will modify our current standards to meet your individual needs and quality standards.